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IT and Business Consulting

Our team of experts can help you in aligning IT services with your business needs. We offer vendor agnostic approach and best solution for the business challenge you have. Dock Solution can analyze your needs and provide necessary consulting services in the area of Security Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing and Security Optimization.

Security Consulting

We can analyze the maturity level of your IT infrastructure and offer different models for optimization. We have consulting team that can support you in Data Consolidation, Warehouse Management, Business Analytics. We can support you in Cloud or On premises oriented systems. We offer IT project management and quality assurance services supported by senior consultants with extensive knowledge.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Today, more than ever, proper advertising, demand generation and communication with clients are mandatory step for every successful sale. Our team can support you in defining and running appropriate marketing campaign by leveraging sophisticated tools and solutions. We offer dynamic site creation for different mobile platforms that will enable you better reach with your clients.

Cloud Services Consulting

Dock Solution expertise and services will help customers to unlock business value from the cloud across a range of solutions—including infrastructure, application modernization, data management and analytics, machine learning, AI, security, and more.